Angelo Cremona S.p.A.

WOOD WORKING MACHINERY LEADER Since 1892 we have been manufacturing machines and industrial system with high tecnological content. The manufacturing range includes: Peeling lines, Dryers, Presses and finishing lines, Horizontal, vertical and rotary slicers, Press dryers and clipping lines, LVL lines, Green field proget, Service

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Pers Voor Panelen, Angelo Cremona, Gebruikt

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Houtsnijmachine, Angelo Cremona, Gebruikt

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LIGNA 2017 VIDEO - Automazione robotica per i 125 anni di Angelo Cremona

Il leader indiscusso delle linee di produzione per pannelli e tranciati celebra i suoi 125 anni con un nuovo robot cambia lame...Lees meer


BTW-nummer (indien van toepassing): 02434840969
Omzet: 10 000 000-50 000 000 EUR (Euro)
Werknemers: 101-200
Datum van creatie: 1994
Lid sinds: 28/06/2005