Schutting Lariks/Douglas gezaagd 180x180 cm ; 200cm x 200cm

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Type massief hout Europees naaldhout
Soort Douglas (Pseudotsuga), Lork (Larix spp.)
Herkomst Polen
Type Schuttingen - Schermen


Volume 336 - 1344 pieces per maand
Certificatie FSC
For sale, non-impregnated fencing panels are made of Polish larch wood on size 1,8m x 1,8m and 2,0m x 2,0m
due to the high density and resin nature - the most resistant to weather conditions and biological corrosion among conifers in Poland, the elements from which the panel is made are dried to about 18% humidity.

The boards are 18mm thick and fastened with screws - not staples! A2 stainless steel screws, which prevents corrosion and weakening - which makes the panels very solid.

The structure of the panel is characterized by the fact that the boards are placed on top of each other, which makes it impossible to see what is on the other side - this gives a private zone.

A fence made of smooth boards along a circular saw, but not planed.
Possibility of pressure impregnation.
I also sell wickets and gates.
FSC-certified wood.

If you are interested in the offer, please send an inquiry to e-mail.

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