Gewone Spar - Vurenhout, Den - Grenenhout, Thermobehandeld

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Houtsoorten Europees naaldhout
Soort Gewone spar (Picea abies) - vurenhout, Den (Pinus sylvestris) - grenenhout
Hoofdkenmerken Thermobehandeld
Herkomst Belarus
Streek Минская область


Volume 25 - 100 m3 per maand
Dikte 19-40 mm
Breedte 50-200 mm
Lengte 2.0-4.0 m
Klasseringssysteem Russisch Naaldhout (GOST 26002-83)
Kwaliteit 2
Behandeling WB: warmtebehandeld
Droging Kunstmatige droging (KD)
The principle of operation of heat treatment
Any wood material contains polysaccharides, resins and a certain percentage of moisture.
And during heat treatment (heating up to 180-240 degrees), the structure of the wood changes significantly: its components split and melt.
The material becomes more "solid" and durable.
Therefore, thermal board is considered to be an order of magnitude better than ordinary lumber made from natural wood.
We emphasize once again that the technology is 100% environmentally friendly: no chemicals are involved in the production of thermal boards.
Only heating to high temperatures and special equipment.
Despite the simplicity of the technology, it has a lot of advantages.

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Prijs & voorwaarden

Prijs 400 EUR per m3
Verkoopt aan: Wereldwijd


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