Siberische Conifeer

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Houtsoort Massief hout
Type massief hout Europees naaldhout
Soort/materiaal Siberische conifeer
Type parquet


Volume 1 m2 (sqm) Vlek – 1 keer
Breedte 0.5 mm
Lengte 0.5 mm
Dikte 0.5 mm
Beschrijving Garden parquet made of planed larch on a plastic backing - 190 rubles. per piece (cost in
Colorless oil coated, tinting oil - 300 rubles per 1 piece
Garden parquet from planed larch on a plastic backing. Extra grade, A. Size of 1 piece
parquet width 31.2 cm, length 31.2 cm, thickness 3.3 cm
Number of pieces per 1 m2 - 10.4 pieces. Products are packaged in 10 pieces. parquet, which is
0.88m2. On one wooden pallet, packaged parquet is stacked in rows of 10 pieces, with a total volume of 27 parquet packs. Gaskets made of wooden slats are laid between the rows. The finished pallet is pulled together with packing tape and wrapped on top with stretch film, the corners are closed with cardboard.
FCA delivery terms
Minimum shipment of 10,000 pieces of a parcel
Monthly volume of goods 20,000 pieces of a parcel {{1} } Payment for products - 50% prepayment after signing the contract

Prijs & voorwaarden

Prijs 2 EUR per pieces
Verkoopt aan: Wereldwijd


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