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Type Categorie Machines and technical equipment for surface finishing
Categorie Automatic spraying machines
Model "Dualtech 420 SBC"


Toestand van het item Nieuw
Fabricagedatum 2021
Volume 1
Beschrijving Dualtech is an automatic sprayer that allows the spray application of colors, bases and finishes on all smooth or shaped surfaces.
The spray booth is made with carbon steel profiles and pre-painted sheet metal panels.
The air is taken from the environment by means of an electric fan and is filtered and distributed evenly inside the cabin.
The air distribution plenum guarantees efficient flow, reducing the formation of overspray.
Two large filter boxes are positioned on the sides of the conveyor belt; they are equipped with two capacitive filters in alveolar paper each and guarantee the capture of the overspray.
INPUT TRANSPORT: at the entrance of the sprayer there is a roller transport of 1,220 mm in length.
PAPER TRANSPORT SYSTEM: the transport system is made using a PVC belt that is protected by a paper tape (it is possible to use protective films in synthetic material).
The PVC carpet is equipped with two vulcanized trapezoidal guides on the two lower lateral ends, which guarantee centering.
The unwinding of the incoming paper reel and the outgoing winding are managed by a motor that guarantees perfect tension of the protective tape.
The width of the protective tape is 1,700 mm.
The transport system with PVC belt protected by the paper tape guarantees the absolute absence of overspray in the lower part of the panels and a perfect painting of the edges.
The system has been designed to allow simple replacement of the belt.
OUTPUT TRANSPORT: at the outlet of the sprayer there is a fixed profile conveyor belt of 1.040 mm in length.
APPLICATION UNIT: the "Dualtech" spraying technology is guaranteed by two opposing reciprocating units, installed on two recirculating ball guides that guarantee high stability and reliability and are designed to accommodate up to four guns each.
The use of the two oscillating arms guarantees a homogeneous application on all surfaces of the support to be painted and allows to control the overspray efficiently and effectively, thanks to the possibility of concentrating the spraying towards the central area of the spray booth, at the contrary to single-arm sprayers which - on the other hand - disperse the overspray towards the entrance and exit of the booth.
The movement is made by means of toothed synthetic belts, reinforced with steel strands.
The drive is made by a brushless motor which guarantees adequate control of speed, accelerations and decelerations.
The paint product supply circuit is designed to accommodate up to a maximum of four circuits, while the paint recirculation system includes the return circuit, so as to allow rapid washing and reduce the amount of washing liquid required.
The spray parameters are independent for each gun. Maximum useful working width: 1.300 mm.
Reciprocator speed (adjustable): from 0 to 120 m / min.
Air volume in the spray booth supply: 9,000 m³ / h.
Air volume to be expelled from the cabin: 9,000 m³ / h.
Compressed air consumption: 100 Nl / min.
Booth power fan power: 2 x 0.55 kW (adjustable with inverter).
Fan power for expelling the air from the cabin: 4 kW.
Input roller motor power: 0.18 kW.
Total installed electrical power: 10.8 kW.
Electric motors manufactured according to the "Atex 3G" standard.
Overall dimensions of the machine: 4.930 x 4.300 x 2.850 mm.
Height of the work surface (adjustable): 900 +/- 30 mm.
Standard colors of the structure: gray Ral 7035.

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