Den - Grenenhout, FSC, Antislip Vloerplanken ( 2 Kanten)

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Houtsoort Massief hout
Type massief hout Europees naaldhout
Soort/materiaal Den (Pinus sylvestris) - grenenhout
Hoofdkenmerken FSC
Herkomst Tsjechische Republiek
Streek Prague
Type Antislip Vloerplanken ( 2 Kanten)


Volume 1 - 5000 m2 (sqm) per maand
Breedte 143 mm
Lengte 3000; 5100 mm
Dikte 27 mm
Kwaliteit AB
Certificatie FSC
Beschrijving PINE WITH PRESSURE IMPREGNATION Bochemit (lat. Pinus)

Origin: This wood grows in a discontinuous zone along the SE. borders of Europe and along the southern border of the West Siberian part.


Sapwood yellowish or reddish-white, heartwood reddish yellow, darkens to brownish red. It contains a large amount of resin, which can leak out when exposed to intense sunlight.

Density: approx. 450 kg / m3

Kiln-dried: 16-18%

Dimensions and processing:

Option 1:

27 x 143 mm - TOP side = fine groove profile

Option 2:

24 x 120 mm - view side = smooth profile


In the case of pressure-impregnated pine with Bochemit, brown-green efflorescence appears on the surface. It is a precipitated resin during pressure impregnation, which is mixed with the impregnating substance—these brown-green blooms of salt weather over time.

Recommended surface treatment: OSMO Terrace oils in selected colour shade or OSMO Protective oil stain for wood in the chosen colour shade (transparent coating is not recommended due to meagre resistance to UV radiation)

Substructure: Impregnated pine (impregnation substance Bochemit) 45 x 70 mm

Prijs & voorwaarden

Prijs 10.77 EUR per m2 (sqm)
Incoterm EXW - af fabriek Land Tsjechische Republiek Streek Prague
Leveringstermijn Leverbaar op bestelling, levertijd binnen 30 dagen
Verkoopt aan: Wereldwijd


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