Gegroefde Blokken, Nieuw

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Type Gegroefde Blokken
Voorwaarde Nieuw


Volume 40 - 200 m3 Vlek – 1 keer
Houtsoorten Europees naaldhout
Soort Lork (Larix spp.)
Hoogte 100; 145 mm
Breedte 100;145 mm
Lengte any mm
Beschrijving The pressed block is produced by extrusion pressing. For the production of pallet bosses are used: crushed and specially prepared wood. The obtained material has high strength, moisture resistance and meets the requirements of international standard for sanitary and phytosanitary measures.
Advantages of pressed bar (lump):
- no cracks;
- high resistance to nail entry (excellent nailing);
- long service life;
- stable quality;
- optimum option for automated pallet production;
- high availability for installation;
- the use of a draughtsman improves production efficiency;
- no drying costs for the block - factory humidity 8%;
- high geometry stability at constant humidity;
- resistance to temperature fluctuations;
- environmentally friendly product;
- is not affected by mildew and insect pests.
It is possible to produce a block (shoe) of any cross-section under the customer's order.

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