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Categorie Houtkorrels (Pellets) - Briquetten - Houtskool
Type Houtbriketten


Hoeveelheid 50 Ton per maand
Houtsoorten Europees naaldhout
Soort Spar (Abies alba), Den (Pinus sylvestris) - grenenhout, Gewone spar (Picea abies) - vurenhout
Beschrijving We are currently looking for a reliable supplier for Nestro briquettes with a draw hole, as light as possible briquettes with no or very little bark content. Made of spruce, pine, fir or birch. Please send us an offer with your current sales prices by email. Please once as an FCA offer (with name of the loading point / place name and postal code) and once as a DAP or DPU offer (to our warehouse in D-83666 Waakirchen).
Thank you in advance.

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Koopt van: Europa


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