Huis Van Constructiepanelen, Den - Grenenhout, Gewone Spar - Vurenhout

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Type Huis van Constructiepanelen
Soorten oorsprong Letland
Type massief hout Europees naaldhout
Soort Den (Pinus sylvestris) - grenenhout, Gewone spar (Picea abies) - vurenhout


Volume 1 - 100 stukken Vlek – 1 keer
Hoogte 4740 mm
Breedte 4995 mm
Lengte 3180-6180 mm
Bebouwd oppervlak 15-47 m2 (sqm)
Beschrijving Tiny folding cabins for agricultural and tourism accommodation, festivals, fairs, and other events.
Up to 100 sq.m pf ready-to-use space could be delivered by one regular 12-meter platform and it meets all the road regulations.
CLT for floors, walls, and ceilings. Only solid wood, no insulation.
All the sanitary equipment and electrical engineering are already prefabricated.
Installation under 3 hours. It could be placed on any levelled ground.
Weight from 5 to 10 tons. Developed for multiple installations. Guarantee capacity is 50 folding cycles or 5 years.
Flexible prices for over 100 sq.m orders

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