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Type Categorie Volledige Productielijnen
Categorie Zaagproductielijn
Merk EWD
Model HDSN Gatter/700 Hub


Toestand van het item Nieuw
Fabricagedatum 2019
Volume 1 - 5 Overzetten
Fast and efficient gate for the highest demands The robust design and easy operation All EWD gates have a sophisticated and durable design: A clear machine structure with easily accessible modules makes it possible to easily maintain and maintain the machine. The gate swing can be exchanged without dismantling the stand. Stand and base plate consist of a stable, torsion-resistant cast construction. Crank pin and flywheel are made of a special steel. All parts, especially the highly stressed stilts and frame beams, are subject to constant quality controls during production. The Upper Frame Guides The upper frame guides are cooled by a chiller and a closed water loop to reduce wear and ensure smoother machine operation. The automatic overhang adjustment The overhang of the saw frame adjusts automatically according to the selected feed. Maintenance-free spindles and worm gears adjust the overhang plates. The feed system The gate is equipped with a feed that can be infinitely adjusted over all ranges. In combination with the automatic overhang adjustment, a feed for an optimal ratio between sawing speed and relative feed speed is achieved. The upward cut is avoided as far as possible, resulting in a good surface quality. The rollers In addition to the version with 4 feed rollers, there is also a version with 8 feed rollers for the subsequent sheet cut or for the cut of short wood available. The rollers are split and / or equipped with easily replaceable trays. The main drive The HDSN is equipped with a drive power of max. 110 kW for out- put operation with fixed and empty disk. For stronger engine power (up to 200 kW), the gate is equipped with a widened fixed disk for direct drive. The hydraulics The lifting and lowering as well as the drive of the feed rollers is done hydraulically. The hydraulics are made up of standard parts, which are constructed on a modular basis. All components such as electric motors, pumps and valves are combined in a central hydraulics separate from the gate and easily accessible. - Translated with google

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