Spar , Lork , Den - Grenenhout

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Type massief hout Europees naaldhout
Soort Spar (Abies alba), Lork (Larix spp.), Den (Pinus sylvestris) - grenenhout


Volume 1 - 10 stukken per maand
Beschrijving Construction system "log" is divided into structures made from turned tree log of diameter 23 or 19 cm where the log takes the form of a roller without dropping diameter, other types of structures are structures made from a debarked tree that has retained its natural form with falling diameter. With additional insulation and cladding on the inside of the construction, we get low energy house. As materials, we apply fir, spruce or larch. Construction system "beam" refers to houses which walls consist of rectangular profile elements with tongue and groove. Profiled elements can be made from KVH beams, glued laminated timber or saw beams without embedded heart in beams. The thickness depends on the purpose and size of the construction. The standard thicknesses are 80, 140 and 220 mm, with extra insulation we get low-energy houses. The material comes from world famous manufacturers like Hasslacher. The processing is done on special CNC machines like Hundegger K2 or Uniteam.


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