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Type Categorie CNC machining center
Categorie CNC machining center
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Toestand van het item Nieuw
Fabricagedatum 2018
Volume 1
Beschrijving The fully automatic CNC woodworking machine allows precise and high quality production. It is possible to do piece and serial production very economical. For optimization the process loading and unloading systems can be added. The machines can be customized if necessary.

The CNC machine can be used in different segments of the wood industry and in the foundry industry.

The machine is available in three different aplications.

Machining center for paltes with 3 up to 5 axis
Machining center for solid wood
Moveable gantry for hugh parts
The CNC machine can be used for the following products as an example

Playground production
Garden furniture
Log houses even with conical logs
Prefabricated wooden elements for houses
Timber frames and beam machining
Profiling of logs
Cutting works
Blamk of boards

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