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Maçaranduba , Antislip Vloerplanken ( 2 Kanten)

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Houtsoort Massief hout
Type massief hout Latijns-Amerikaans tropisch hout
Soort/materiaal Maçaranduba (Bulletwood, Beefwood, Quinilla)
Hoofdkenmerken air dried
Herkomst Brazilië
Type Antislip Vloerplanken ( 2 Kanten)


Volume 1 - 10000 m3 per maand Overzetten
Breedte 145 mm Overzetten
Lengte 1000-6096 mm Overzetten
Dikte 25 mm  Overzetten

Benefits of Massaranduba Decking

  • It is one of the hardest and most durable woods globally.
  • You can choose from two appearance variants.
  • We supply Massaranduba with profiles Reeded/Grooves and Reeded/Smooth.
  • We supply Massaranduba with FAS grading, which is the highest grading of the hardwood lumber grades.
  • Massaranduba is renowned for its ability to last many decades, even in extreme weather conditions.
  • Easy board replacement
  • Massaranduba and other tropical hardwoods are naturally insect resistant.


Dimensions: 21x145 mm and 25x145 mm

Profile: Reeded/Smooth and Reeded/Grooved

Grade: FAS

Origin Brazil

Wood density: approx. 1100 kg / m3

Kiln-dried at 18% +/- 2%



Massaranduba is a highly sought-after wood that is renowned for its exceptional durability and stunning purple-reddish brown hue. It boasts a uniform texture and excellent slip resistance, making it a popular choice for those who desire a versatile alternative to Ipe decking. 


One of the main advantages of Massaranduba wood is its impressive hardness - it is widely considered one of the toughest woods in the world. This makes it incredibly resilient and ensures that it will last many years. It is also naturally resistant to rot, decay, insects, and even fire, making it an ideal option for outdoor applications.


If you're worried about colour variation between boards, remember that this is a natural characteristic of Massaranduba wood. However, this should encourage you to select this top-quality material for your deck. With proper care and maintenance, your Massaranduba decking will remain beautiful and functional.


For those seeking dimensionally stable and long-lasting Massaranduba wood decking, we recommend choosing wood that has undergone artificial drying. This process enhances the wood's stability and resistance to warping and cracking, ensuring you have a high-quality deck that will stand the test of time.


We supply a complete system of sophisticated accessories for proper installation, such as a wide range of fastening products and OSMO coatings.


REAL DECK – the brand for Wooden Terraces


Real DECK has presented 26 years of experience in the Czech and international markets, with more than three million square meters of outdoor wooden decking sold and installed from European and exotic wood. A selection of tested wood species that flawlessly perform their purpose in the conditions of Central Europe gives the assurance of 100% material quality and recommended components for the long-term benefit of wooden decking with the increasing popularity of this material. From the beginning, our company has sought out the best processing plants in Southeast Asia, South America, Canada, China and Europe to ensure our supply materials' long-term high and consistent quality. The outdoor wooden decking manufacturing process is under the constant control of our agents, who supervise the correct sorting of incoming material, drying, processing quality, storage and loading into shipping containers or trucks. Our business only considers natural materials that retain value and beauty - even with time. We only work with suppliers who respect sustainable forest management. By using wood, we protect non-renewable raw materials for future generations, and, in addition, we have a positive impact on our society, economy and the environment. It is essential for us that the public understands this concept and is aware of the positive effects of using wood in everyday life. Of all the possible materials that can be used for decking, we sell wood because we help to protect non-renewable raw materials, preserve sustainable forest

Prijs & voorwaarden

Prijs Op aanvraag EUR per m2 (sqm) Overzetten
Incoterm FCA - franco transporteur Land Tsjechische Republiek Streek Prague
Leveringstermijn Leverbaar op bestelling, levertijd binnen 30 dagen
Verkoopt aan: Wereldwijd


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