Siberische Den, Vloerplanken (E4E)

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Houtsoort Massief hout
Type massief hout Europees naaldhout
Soort/materiaal Siberische den
Herkomst Tsjechische Republiek
Streek Czech Republic
Type Vloerplanken (E4E)


Volume 7 - 10000 m3 per maand
Breedte 143 mm
Lengte 4000-5000 mm
Dikte 27 mm
Kwaliteit A/B Grade
Beschrijving PINE DECKING pressure impregnated BOCHEMIT
Description: Colour: sapwood yellow-white or red-white, core wood red-yellow, darkens to brown-red. Contains higher amount of resin that can seep out during stronger heating from the sun. Density: approx. 450 kg/m3 Usage: wood furniture from massive, windows,
Coat and colour: If you opt for treating the decking with a coat to prevent the natural process of the wood turning grey, we recommend the use of OSMO Decking oil in the preferred tone except transparent tone n. 007. OSMO Decking oil that contains pigment ensures visual value of the wood and its protection from UV rays. Protecting the pine wood on decking is recommended.
Parameters: Dried to: 16-18%
Versions: with or without pressure impregnation

Prijs & voorwaarden

Prijs 10,77 EUR per m2 (sqm)
Incoterm FCA - franco transporteur Land Tsjechische Republiek Streek Prague
Leveringstermijn Leverbaar op bestelling, levertijd binnen 30 dagen
Verkoopt aan: Wereldwijd


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