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  • april 14, 2022 19:52

European Pellets Conference 2022 showed potential and homework

The European Pellets Conference 2022 on April 6 in Wels, Upper Austria, as well as online, showed the more than 650 participants from 60 countries the current developments on the markets, in technology and politics. Speakers and audience discussed ways of optimal positioning in times of... [meer...]

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  • april 04, 2022 09:37

North American lumber prices are down 28%

North American lumber prices are down 28% in 3 weeks as the housing market cools...... [meer...]

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  • maart 25, 2022 15:13

Trade of logs and lumber in Europe expected to change in the coming years

The trade of logs and lumber in Europe will “change dramatically” in the coming years, with timber harvests having reportedly peaked in Central Europe.... [meer...]

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  • maart 16, 2022 16:17

More current effects of the Ukraine conflict on the international timber trade

In Pakistan many timber importers are waiting for spruce and pine deliveries from the Ukraine - without any forecast as to when they will arrive. Many companies are now planning to expand imports of yellow pine and white pine from... [meer...]

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  • maart 14, 2022 07:12

War in Ukraine: the short-term consequences for the timber market

Trade with Ukraine has considerably reduced following the martial law in Ukraine and the mobilization of men. For sites that still produce in western Ukraine, the problem is to transport to Europe, as Ukrainian truckers are not allowed to leave Ukraine. ..... [meer...]

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  • maart 07, 2022 10:45

European timber industry increasingly deciding to suspend or restrict trade with Russia

In addition to corporations such as Apple, BMW, BP, Ford, Shell and VW, companies in the timber industry are increasingly deciding to suspend or restrict trade with Russia or to stop production in Russian plants. Ikea and Stora Enso have decided to stop all activities with and in Russia...... [meer...]

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  • maart 04, 2022 11:14

EU bans imports of wood products from Belarus

The European Union has banned most imports from Belarus over its involvement in Russia's invasion of Ukraine. On Wednesday, the EU agreed to ban 70 percent of exports from Belarus, with sanctions placed on wood products, steel and iron...... [meer...]

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  • februari 28, 2022 11:04

War in Ukraine: short term implications for Forestry / Wood Products Trade

Short term implications of war in Ukraine & sanctions on Russia on Forest product trade flows with both countries... [meer...]

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  • februari 11, 2022 16:49

2022 outlook for the French wood industry

It is difficult to say today how the French timber market will evolve in 2022. Due to the health crisis, the sector has suddenly fallen into a kind of unknown ground after which any kind of forecast is nearly impossible....... [meer...]

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  • februari 03, 2022 11:42

North American lumber prices crest as supply remains tight:

It might be that the North American construction framing dimension softwood lumber market has found equilibrium. At least for the time being. ...... [meer...]

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