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High profitability for Setra in 3Q/2021

Swedish wood products company Setra has reported an operating profit of SEK 600 million (-3) for the third quarter of 2021. Net sales totalled SEK 1,565 million (840)...... [meer...]

Bark beetle wood in Thuringia has exceeded 3 million m3

As of September 30, 2021, ThüringenForst recorded an accumulation of damaged wood due to bark beetle damage amounting to 3,061,400 m3 (comparison period 2020: 2,847,100 m3)...... [meer...]

Swedish roundwood prices on the rise in 3Q 2021

Delivery purchase prices on Swedish roundwood increased during the 3Q 2021 after having been unchanged during the 2Q 2021...... [meer...]

Indonesia: Forestry sector performance improving

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Bambang Hendroyono, has indicated that from the beginning of July 2020 the performance of the forestry sector has been improving...... [meer...]

Germany: Price of pellets up 4.8% in October

Seasonally driven, the price of pellets rose in Germany in October...... [meer...]

US housing starts drop in September

US housing starts fell 1.6% in September, below expectations, the Census Bureau reported on Tuesday...... [meer...]

Stora Enso invests in expansion of board production at Skoghall mill

Stora Enso is investing EUR 97 million to expand the board production at the Skoghall site in Sweden. At the same time, Stora Enso is initiating a pre-feasibility study to convert the second, currently idle, line at its Oulu site in Finland, to a packaging board line..... [meer...]

EU27 wood furniture imports from tropical countries hit by freight problems

In 2020, the EU27 imported €4.5 billion of wooden furniture from outside the bloc, only 0.3% less than the previous year. Imports of €1.1 billion from the tropics were down 4% at €1.1 billion, while imports from China fell 2% to €2.0 billion...... [meer...]

Furniture orders are coming back to China from Vietnam

It has been reported that Vietnam's lockdown, which was due to end on 15 September 2021, has been extended until the end of September 2021 and many off-shore Chinese furniture companies...... [meer...]

Producer of semi-finished product for wood construction doubles capacity

Systimber's new and worldwide patented timber construction system is currently presented at the Prowood 2021 which takes place in Gent (Belgium) from October 17th to 21st 2021. With the semi-finished Systimber Duobeams, founders Wolfgang Verraes and Karel Vervaet want to enable... [meer...]

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ISC: Many market uncertainties but softwood demand will not stop

It has been another extraordinary year in the softwood market since the International Softwood Conference (ISC) was held completely online for the first time in 2020. On October 14th 2021 the 69th edition went hybrid – welcoming 200 participants in Helsinki and further 100 online... [ meer...]

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CLT capacities and product innovations worldwide are far from over

At the Ligna Forum Digital, four industry experts discussed the prospects for CLT production and discussed the potential in technology, product development and sales markets for the increasingly popular wooden building elements. 3.5 million m3 / yr of CLT capacity is currently available globally and it will soon be possible to produce 5 million m3 / yr with 130 production lines worldwide... [ meer...]

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U.S. lumber prices on the rise again

Lumber futures have hit $628 per thousand board feet (mbf), the Wall Street Journal has reported. Prices are now up nearly 40% since late August and are almost as high as their pre-pandemic levels...... [ meer...]

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