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  • september 24, 2018 15:15

John Deere improves sales in its forestry and construction division

John Deere increased its construction and forestry equipment sales by 100% in the third quarter. In the first nine months of 2018, it was 83%.... [meer...]

  • Marktprijzen
  • september 24, 2018 11:12

U.S.: Softwood and panel markets - Week 38, 2018

Deep cuts in prices of framing lumber persisted through a second straight week, leaving traders stunned at the volatility of the market in 2018... [meer...]

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  • september 24, 2018 09:19

Brazil: Timber sector supports revival of construction sector

The Brazilian wood industries, through the representation of the Brazilian Association of the Mechanically Processed Wood Industry (ABIMCI)... [meer...]

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  • september 21, 2018 10:05

The bark beetle infestation spreading across European forests

A bark beetle infestation is currently ravaging forests in Central and some Northern European countries. Reports from Germany, The Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden show that the volumes infested are in some countries or regions twice or even three times higher than some previous estimates for this year... [meer...]

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  • september 21, 2018 09:24

China - US trade War: List of Chinese wood products that will be tariffed starting Sept 24th

Check in this article the full list of wood products that will be affected by US tariffs starting on Sept 24th... [meer...]

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  • september 20, 2018 10:41

Merger of Simonds International and US Blades

On 18 September Simonds International and US Blades announced the merger of the companies in a transaction that will create the leading producer and marketer of cutting tools and the leading cutting tool service company in the primary wood fiber industry. ...... [meer...]

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  • september 20, 2018 06:49

Transport restrictions for oak lumber in Croatia relaxed

The transport restrictions for oak wood in Croatia, which had the purpose of preventing the propagation of the oak beetle, were relaxed... [meer...]

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  • september 20, 2018 06:08

Brazil: Forest structure maintained through controlled harvesting

More than 32,000 trees have been logged in the past decade in concessions in the Amazon Jamari National Forest. The Jamari National Forest was the first in the country where logging was controlled through government approved management plans... [meer...]

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  • september 19, 2018 12:24

New Zealand and Australia report stable roundwood exports to China

As the New Zealand WoodWeek reports, the inventory of softwood roundwood in China is around 3.2 million m3, with news of a recent decline to 3.15 million m3... [meer...]

  • Speciale rapporten
  • september 19, 2018 08:25

China – US trade War: List of US wood products that will be tariffed starting Sept 24th

On September 24th China will implement its own tariffs on USD 60 billion of imports from the US. Read further to see the full list of wood products affected and tariff levels... [meer...]

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