US tropical hardwood imports fell back in August

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After spiking in July US imports of sawn tropical hardwood fell by 25% in August, returning to the levels seen this spring. The 9,190 cubic metres imported is up 10% from that of August 2020 and about 5% below the volume we saw in March and April.

After smashing monthly records with 5,425 cubic metres imported in July, imports fell to 783 cubic metres for August, more in line with historic levels and about the same level seen last August. Imports of Mahogany rose sharply for a second straight month and are now ahead 146% year to date. Virola imports are up 47% for the year so far after also gaining strongly in August.

Imports from Malaysia fell by 90% in August, due to Keruing, but remain ahead 14% year to date. Imports from Brazil rose 51% in August but are down 83% year to date, although that may be more due to how the U.S. is now measuring this import category than to actual imports.

Total tropical hardwood imports are down 33% for the year so far, but that number is due to the removal of Ipe and Jatoba totals from the category beginning this year.

When the two woods are included, US imports of sawn tropical hardwood are up 21% so far this year versus last year.

Meanwhile, Canadian imports of sawn tropical hardwood fell for the fourth straight month in August. Monthly imports dropped 5% as imports from Ghana, Brazil, and the United States all fell sharply.

Despite the continued decline total imports for the year are ahead 16% over last year through August.

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