Spruce logs prices fell sharply in Tyrol

juli 10, 2018
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In June, the reported log volumes in the Tyrolean non-state forest were very low. Due to the storm and the bark beetle infestation, hardly any fresh wood comes onto the market. Due to the large price differences, the province of Tyrol now declares its roundwood prices separately for North and East Tyrol. The Roundwood Price Index (RUPI) refers to the whole of Tyrol.

Roundwood prices list in Tyrol; June 2018:

North Tyrol:

Spruce sawlogs - quality class B/C; 2a-3b:: 83,57 € / m³, -4,1%

East Tyrol:

Spruce sawlogs - quality class B/C; 2a-3b:: 96,05 € / m³, -3,2%

The necessary minimum quantity of 1,000 m³ and the number of at least 5 sales lots were not reached in the other assortments.

3 month review (01.04.2018-30.06.2018):

North Tyrol:

Fir sawlogs quality class B/C:  75,89 € / m³

Larch sawlogs B/C:  109.44 € / m³

Spruce sawlogs (small diameters) B/C: 63,55 € / m³

East Tyrol:

Fir sawlogs quality class B/C: 93,42 € / m³

Larch sawlogs B/C: 113,89 € / m³

Spruce sawlogs (small diameters) B/C: 73,71 € / m³

Roundwood Price Index Tyrol (RUPI):

Monthly Index June 2018: 134.842%

The monthly index fell significantly in June with an average price of € 88.04 / m³ (-4.304%).

Quarterly Index (Q2/18): 137.753%

The Tyrolean Roundwood Price Index rose slightly in the second quarter of the year by + 1.318% compared to the first quarter of 2018.