Christian Morasso
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The company  bought in December has had a successful history under the ex-owner’s management, who positioned it as a front-running company in the production of flooring and high quality furniture aimed mainly at foreign markets. Din Novaselec was a strategic move that allows Florian to acquire precious know-how from highly qualified employees thanks to their long experience in processing wood. A significant feature reinforcing the hold Florian has in Croatia, under our policy of investing in finished product, is the increase in the number of representatives and exportation towards the Western markets.

Built in 1929 on the foundations of a saw-mill, Din Novaselec enjoys all the advantages of being a manufacturing site close to its source of raw material in particular, oak timber: this has enabled the company to start industrial production of parquet and furniture of the highest standard. Added to this positive climate, there is a drive by the management to invest in technical innovation and employee training. Din Novaselec can now boast cutting-edge technology and expert knowledge of the raw materials.

The ten-year investment in qualifying workers to the highest levels has allowed us to gradually bring the entire production process within the company, which has reached a size of 240,000 m². In 2015, Din Novaselec generated revenues of 37 million KN (kuna) and currently employs more than 180 workers.

A solid foundation both in terms of staff and production volume. Florian plans to further increase the number of employees and production capacity to more than 2 million Euro.

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