Average prices for Russian softwood timber exports to Europe in 2013

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According to a WhatWood.ru (WW) analysis, Russian softwood timber deliveries to Europe totaled 4,36 million cubic meters in 2013. Russia exported mostly to countries in the Baltic and North Sea region, with the largest destinations being: Finland, Germany, Estonia, France, the UK and the Netherlands.

‘Russia mainly exports non-planed spruce to Europe; to lesser extent, non-planed pine and larch,’says the WW report.  

Average CFR prices in ports had some regional differences depending, of course, on the delivery distance: they range between EUR 160 in the Netherlands to EUR 190 in France. Products delivered by trucks to Central European countries average from EUR 175 in the Czech Rep. to EUR 200 in Italy and Switzerland.  

WW notices a stabilization in demand in some key Russian export partners such as Germany and the UK, making possible for Russian producers to raise prices by the end of 2013. As compared to January, now average delivered prices have increased by EUR 10-15 in most cases, says WW.  

Moreover, the EURO appreciation throughout 2013 over the Russian rouble, especially in the 2nd half of 2013, from 40-42 to 45 roubles per EUR 1, determined higher revenues for Russian sawmills, the WW report concludes.

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