Russia: plywood exports up, average price per m3 down

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In January-August 2016, Russia increased export volume of one of the most popular products representing the Russian woodworking industry – plywood. This trend is observed throughout the statistics published by the Russian Federal Customs Service. 

Thus, in the first eight months of 2016, the Russian plywood export came up to 1.68 million m3 and grew by 13.32% over the respective period of the last year when these figures equaled 1.483 million m3.  

On the other hand, the Russian plywood export volume reduced in value terms. In January-August 2016, the total value of the exported Russian plywood reached US$631.5 million, while in the respective months of 2015 this amount came up to US$692.6 million. That is 8.82% more than the current amount. 

The average exports price of a cubic meter of the Russian plywood went down as well in dollar terms. Thus, in January-August 2016, the average export price was US$375.75 per m3, while last year it was higher – US$467 per m3.  

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