Romania's forestation level well bellow EU average

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Romania has a low forestation level, of only 29 percent, compared with the 40 percent average of the European Union members, shows a study presented on Thursday by Academician Victor Giurgiu, in the international symposium 'Woodland strategies in European countries,' organized by Romsilva, Consilva and the European Council of Foresters, the Romanian media agency 'Agerpress' reports. 

According to the study, the forestation level of Romania's territory is also very low compared with other European countries with similar natural conditions, such as Slovenia, with 62 percent forest areas, Austria, with 47 percent, Slovakia, with 41 percent. Academician Giurgiu explains this situation through the low level of forest administration and with the excessive dissolution of the stock of wood.

'We are confronted with an excessive dissolution of the forest property. At present, there are about 900 thousand owners, following the unreasonable reconstruction of the ownership right, and this process is still going on, Romania having become one of the EU countries with the most small forest estates per thousand inhabitants, without having managed to merge these owners' associations. There are areas of approximately 500,000 hectares of woods not benefitting from forestry administration or services, to which other fraudulent forest retrocessions are added, mainly in Transylvania, Valea Trotusului, Banat,' Academician Giurgiu showed.

He underscored that 'there is a very reduced concern for the afforestation of the spoiled lands, three million hectares at present, for the creation of the national system of windbreaks, the harnessing of the torrential hydrographic basins and the promotion of ecologic technologies for wood exploitation.'

The study also reveals that Romania is one of the EU countries with the highest share, 50 percent, of forests devoted to the protection of the environment factors, water, soil, climate and biodiversity. In terms of the wood volume existing in the forests, over two billion cubic metres, Romania ranges among the first four countries in the European Union.

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