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  • Pulp en papier
  • augustus 18, 2022 11:32

Andritz to supply complete pulp mill to Paracel in Paraguay

Andritz and Paracel S.A., Paraguay, have signed a contract under which Andritz is to supply all process equipment and energy-efficient and environmentally friendly pulp production equipment... [meer...]

  • Pulp en papier
  • augustus 18, 2022 09:26

Mondi buys Italian paper mill

Mondi plans to acquire the paper mill in Duino, Italy, from the Burgo Group for a total price of €40 million and convert it with an investment of €200 million. ... [meer...]

  • Bosbouw
  • augustus 10, 2022 22:41

Keeping employees through company participation

Employees who have a stake in the company they work for through capital investments stay with it longer - even if they have good opportunities elsewhere and are generally willing to change... [meer...]

  • Bosbouw
  • augustus 08, 2022 17:26

EU legislation threatens to halve wood availability

According to the current study by the Thünen Institute “Assessment of Possible Production Leakage from Implementing the EU Biodiversity Strategy on Forest Product Markets”, the economy and environment... [meer...]

  • Pulp en papier
  • juli 29, 2022 10:31

International Paper's 2Q sales increased by 13%

International Paper's 2Q 2022 net sales increased by 13% to $5,389 million, compared to $4,770 million in the 2Q 2021.... [meer...]

  • Pulp en papier
  • juli 28, 2022 10:24

Tetra Pak to exit Russia

Tetra Pak will be exiting its remaining operations in Russia. This is due to the cumulative impact of the restrictions on exports to Russia leading to an unsustainable supply chain... [meer...]

  • Bosbouw
  • juli 26, 2022 11:48

Heinzel Group becomes strategic investor in project to build Paraguay's first pulp mill

Heinzel Holding GmbH and Paracel S.A. jointly announce that Heinzel has entered into an investment agreement to become the strategic equity investor in Paracel, an afforestation and pulp mill project in Paraguay, South America. ... [meer...]

  • Marktprijzen
  • juli 22, 2022 13:10

Summer break mutes softwood saw log prices in Austria

Sales of building products made of wood in Austria fell significantly in July 2022. The sawmill industry is also sufficiently stocked with softwood saw logs due to strong deliveries in the... [meer...]

  • Bosbouw
  • juli 22, 2022 12:35

Stora Enso and Northvolt partner to develop wood-based batteries

Stora Enso and Northvolt are joining forces to create sustainable batteries using lignin-based hard carbon produced with renewable wood from the Nordic forests. The aim is to develop... [meer...]

  • Pulp en papier
  • juli 20, 2022 13:52

Andritz to supply pulping system to Sichuan Huaqiao Fenghuang Paper

ANDRITZ has received an order from Sichuan Huaqiao Fenghuang Paper Co. Ltd. to supply a patented combi-pulping system for its mill in Guanghan, Deyang City, Sichuan Province, China. The solution... [meer...]

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