DACH pellet prices in April 2022 still relatively high

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Compared to the previous year, Swiss pellet prices rose by an average of 34% to CHF 467.40/t. Compared to March, they have thus fallen by 0.7%. For Austria, the industry association proPellets Austria also reports a price increase for April: loose pellets cost an average of 322.9 €/t for an order quantity of 6 tons, whereby the delivery is not included in the price. The so-called blow-in flat rate averages €43.51 per delivery in April. Compared to the previous year, the price increase in Austria was 46.9% and compared to the previous month 5.5%.

The price for wood pellets also remains at a high level in Germany. On average, pellets cost €377.21/t for a purchase quantity of 6 tons, as reported by the German Pellet Institute (DEPI). This is 2.1% more than in the previous month and 66.4% more than in April 2021.

According to the industry association propellets.ch, the year 2021 was already a record year due to the steadily increasing number of pellet heating systems: According to the Swiss Wood-Firing Association, 45% more pellet heating systems were sold in 2021 than in 2020. 420,000 t of pellets were in demand; this corresponds to an increase of 22% compared to 2020. Domestic production increased by 20% to 325,000 t.

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