German wood price index for wooden packaging rises slightly in May 2022

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The monthly price index for sawn timber and wood-based materials for wooden packaging and pallets recorded a lower increase in most product ranges in May 2022 than in the previous month. The index of solid wood for wooden pallets increased by 2.8% compared to April 2022, when it increased by 12.3%. With a status of 520.2 points, the characteristic value determined by the Federal Association of Wooden Packaging - Pallets - Export Packaging (HPE) in cooperation with the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn was 78.3% above the previous year's value and again reached a record value.

The index for solid wood for wooden packaging rose by 6.1% - after a plus of 10.3% in April - to a level of 326.7 points. Compared to May 2021, this resulted in an increase of 47.8%.

Plywood for packaging also recorded a rising index in May 2022 - by 2.5% to a level of 283.5 points. The index was thus 42% higher than in the previous year.

With a decrease of 4.6% compared to April to 190.1 points, OSB for packaging fell for the first time since January 2022. Compared to the index level in May 2021, this results in an increase of 32.7%.

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