German forest owners call for crisis summit

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2022 will be a record year for forest fire damage in Germany. So far this summer, almost 3,800 hectares of forest have been on fire in Germany. The AGDW estimates the damage caused to the forest at at least €20 to 30 million and thus 28 times as high as in 2021. Nevertheless, politicians are planning significant cuts in forest subsidies. However, the devastating fires in Saxony, Brandenburg and other federal states urgently require joint action by all those involved.

The central association AGDW The forest owners are therefore calling for a crisis summit. "The forest owners are wondering whether Minister Özdemir has recognized the seriousness of the situation," says AGDW President Prof. Andreas Bitter. "The forest of the future is a mixed forest," says Bitter, "but the forest owners cannot finance the necessary conversion on their own. The many beautiful words of politics on the subject of forests must now finally be followed by deeds.”

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