Finnish timber trade slows down during January-April 2022

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The Finnish timber trade decreased in January-April 2022, according to the Finnish Forest Industry Association's statistics. A total of 7.4 million cubic meters of wood was purchased, which is 24% less than in January-April 2021.

Purchases of logs fell to 3.2 million cubic meters, down 29% from a year ago. In pulpwood, the decline was milder: the purchase volume fell by a fifth to 3.8 million cubic meters.

There were no major changes in prices. Carrying prices of softwood were 2% higher in April than in March. The stumpage price of pulpwood was 1–2% higher.

The organization emphasizes that there is a need for all domestic wood. 

"There is a demand for domestic wood and we expect the supply to increase significantly towards the end of the year," says Karoliina Niemi, Forest Director of the Finnish Forest Industries Association.


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