Canada imports more tropical sawnwood from the US

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Canadian imports of tropical sawnwood were worth US$1.65 million in October, slightly down from the previous month and also year-to-date from October 2016.

The drop was in the combined category of virola, imbuia and balsa.

Mahogany imports more than tripled from the previous month last year to US$339,433. Year-to-date mahogany imports were also up compared to the same time last year.

Higher mahogany shipments into Canada were reported from a range of sources, but primary from Brazil and Cameroon.

More tropical sawnwood reached Canada via its southern neighbor in 2017 to date. The US was the only major supplier that significantly increased tropical shipments to Canada this year. In October, Canadian imports from the US accounted for 7% of the value of total US tropical sawnwood imports.

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