Zaagstammen, Gewone Spar - Vurenhout

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Product Zaagstammen
Houtsoorten Europees naaldhout
Soort Gewone spar (Picea abies) - vurenhout


Volume 24.000 Ton per jaar
Deel van de boom 2de stuk
Diameter 40 cm
Lengte 3,00 m
Kwaliteit frisch
Beschrijving Dimension length 3 mtr. Tolerance + / - 5 cm diameter / braid (with bark); minute 7 cm m. R. - max. 40 cm m. R. at the stronger end min. 9 cm m. R. - max. 40 cm m. R. on the stronger end Quality Absolutely healthy and fresh, not coarse wood without discolouration gradual, maximum two-sided curvature of 3.0 cm per running meter - Felling and cutting cuts smooth and perpendicular to the trunk axis, root crops cut, delimbing stem smooth without significant bark injuries - When working up by machine, normally occurring bark and wood-body injuries should be kept as low as possible - Coarse wood-body injuries, crevices and fragments, soiling, foreign bodies, metal and plastic markings and entanglement are excluded. Storage time As low as possible! In case of perfect freshness and quality no longer than indicated below (period between impact and takeover): Machine impact max. 2 weeks Manual impact max. 4 weeks

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