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  • Datum2011-May-23
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Transport / sorteren / opslag 
VP 405 


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• 4-Station compression bagger with 12 in. x 8 in. x 24 in. fill tubes that produces a 1.33 cubic foot pet size bale and can be blocked to produce a smaller (0.5 cubic foot bale as an example). 

• The VP-Series Vertical Compression Balers are designed for packaging compressible bulk products such as natural or synthetic fibres. 

• The VP-405 offers a simple cost effective solution for a production rate of up to 3 - 4 bags/Min. 

• Semi-automatic system, consists of basic machine with vertical fill chutes, compression ram and separate hydraulic pump pack; ram pressure adjustable via hydraulic bypass valve. 

• Bag sizes up to approx. 8 in. x 12 in. x 24 in., bale size can be adjusted by blocking the compression tubes. System also includes an approx. (4) cubic yard feed hopper surge bin and level detector. 

• Method of operation: Operator slides plastic or paper bag into compression chamber and secures end of bag with a hinged back plate (hydraulically operated), the compression chute compacts the shavings from the fill chute with several strokes depending on bale size and material used. 

• At the end of the cycle compacted shavings fill the bag, operator moves the ram to the next station and manually closes the bag with tape or stitching. 

• Two speeds and braking on turntable and two speeds on the main ram. 

• Pneumatic Characteristics: Air activated by high quality "Festo" valves, 1/4 in. FRC conditioning unit for proper oiling and filtering of the compressed air going to the air components. 

• Electrical Characteristics: All Electrical components are CSA approved, entirely controlled by simple limit switches and relay logic. Technical Specifications: Production rate up to 6 bags/Min; Compression rate up to 5:1 depending on product. 

• Bag Requirements: Paper - single or multi-ply; Polyethylene - up to 8 mils (200 microns).  - [Ref. BB-010077]
A Machine like this doesn't come on the market often!
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Incoterm: EXW – (ex-works) af fabriek (van de verkoper), de goederen zijn op het adres van de verkoper
Streek: MTN/Central
Land: Canada
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Verkoopt aan: Oostenrijk; België; Canada; Frankrijk; Duitsland; Italië; Liechtenstein; Mexico; Polen; Roemenië; Rusland; Zwitserland; Oekraïne; VSA